Heartly Welcome to all the students of Rural Ayurveda Medical College



Ayurveda is the original Medical Science of mankind. The Mother of Medicine is Ayurveda. India is the birth place and cradle of Ayurveda but now a days it is looking its value in its own homeland.
So we expect all to join us for upliftment of Ayurveda Science to its immense richness.


Under the Dynamic Leadership of Dr Krishnaji.D.Deshpande, president & permanent trustee, the Society is conducting social & cultural activities & running this Institution for the development of its integrity.
It is one of the Dynamic Society of Karnataka. Society is running charitable Hospital and Nursery School, since Twenty Years for poor people and middle class people.
Kannada Balaga Society has the main Motto for the promotion & development of Medical & Other Education. It has plan to open Engineering & Medical colleges. etc




Dr.Krishnaji.D.Deshpande, permanent trustee & president has donated 10 Acre 38 Guntas of land to RAMC. Late Smt.Anusuyabai Dattturao Deshpande of Ilkal (Gudnal) has donated Rs.51,000/- with an intention to scatter Medical Education in Ayurveda in the border Area of Karnataka & Maharashtra to create an integrity among the people. Also Shri. Dattarao Damodarao Deshpande has donated Rs. 51,000/- for Rural Para Medical College.

  Donors are requested to come forward to support the Institute.  



1.Rural Teacher's Training Institute. (D.Ed. course).in Kannada Medium
2.Rural Para Medical College.(D.M.L.T.C.& D.H.I.Course).
3.Shri Raghvendra I.T.I.(Fitter, Electrician,Electronics courses).
4.RA Medical College—B.A.M.S. course, in English Medium  

  The College Aims to produce Ayurveda Medical Graduates of profound scholars having deep basis of Ayurveda Fundamentals with extensive practical knowledge, duly competent to serve in the medical and health service of the country.
AIM: Highly Ambitious to Develop the Institution that to one of the best college in India.
  Dr.Krishnaji.D.Despande is a multy speciality personality. He started his career as a Doctor. He is an eminent Educationist and a humble social worker striving hard for the upliftment of economically backward classes. He has been conducting regularly medical camps since 1991 in rural & Urban areas.He has been giving Ayurvedic Education to poor students of rural areas of Karnataka & Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, U.P., M.P., Jammu & Kashmir.  
  He is a well-known personality in state as well as national politics. Govt of Karnataka has honoured  him by awarding 'State Youth Award' in the year 1990, by considering his multy services in various fields such as Educational, Social, Cultural Political etc.  
  State Youth Awardee,Govt of Karnataka.  
  Administrator's MESSAGE  
I am very happy to express my heartly words for the heard & true efforts of our staff and students. I have no words to describe their beautiful and educative medical activities which are very worth from the view point of public. Though this Institution is in initially 10 years old  college, it has been growing fast. Lord Dhanvantri's blessings are ever on us. A strong encouragement of Kannada Balaga Society manage-
Dr.Ujwala K.Deshpande ment and especially the Founder chairman Dr.Krishnaji. D.Deshpande's well wishes,strong efforts and his aspirations
  are ever before us. We all must join hands together and extend our full co-operation towards Dr.Krishnaji.D.Deshpande for his efforts in building & developing this Institution.